Bath Tub Chair by Kate Gould’s ‘The Wasteland’ - Add a little Chelsea to your own garden


One of the highlights of this years Chelsea Flower Show 2013 was Kate Gould's garden named the "The Wasteland'. The unique use of upcycled products within the design was extremely well executed. We were particularly impressed with how Kate had used recycled materials within her design to make such a huge impact. One particular item that grabbeed the atthention of the many onlookers who visited the garden was the up-cycled chair that was made from a bath tub which sat centre stage of Kate Gould’s gold award winning garden.

 ‘The Wasteland’ also featured a screen made from up-cycled shopping trolleys and another one from mattress springs also made by

The bathtub featured in the Chelsea originated from a house refurbishment in Bedford and was going to be smashed to smithereens with a sledge hammer before the intervention of Max at Reestore who plans to keep this one for his own use. Easily lifted by two people, they can be treated exactly as normal chairs and are available as fully bespoke pieces of furniture painted in colours and fabrics of the customers choosing. They can be ordered directly through allowing around 4-6 weeks from order to delivery.

The garden which won a Gold medal was a different direction from Kate’s usual style of modern and sleek city gardens.

Kate commenting on the chair and other products used within the garde said “We love Max’s flair for taking unusual items destined for the rubbish heap and turning them into attractive useable day to day objects. The pieces fitted perfectly into the garden imagined as it was on an abandoned waste land that was transformed using the existing materials into a lovely outdoor communal space”