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SofaSofa and Pillow Mints: Tips for Creating a Comfortable Space for Guests

Guests will inevitably visit the average home, and while many homeowners and renters don’t have the luxury of an extra bedroom, there are many tips you can take to heart to create a comfortable, welcoming, private space for them.

Get the Bedroom Furniture You’ve Always Dreamt of

Have you ever needed some advice on were to pick up the latest designs in bedroom furniture? if you need the look to make sure your bedroom design is complete, come and read the article for some great advice.

Home designs inspired by movies

Finding the right design ideas for the home can be difficult, especially if there is more than one person in the house adding their opinions, but there is a great source of information available right there in the living room.

Bold and Bright Floral Wallpapers

Blossom into spring and brighten up walls with bold floral statement wallpapers from Galerie Wallcoverings. Florals have been given a burst of energy for 2013

What are the latest trends for styling your bedroom?

Check out the latest trends in interior design for the bedroom. Find out what is hot right now!

Budget concious tips for interior design

Some budget saving tips when styling your home.