SofaSofa and Pillow Mints: Tips for Creating a Comfortable Space for Guests

06/23/2013 by Paige One

SofaSofa and Pillow Mints: Tips for Creating a Comfortable Space for Guests

Guests will inevitably visit the average home, and while many homeowners and renters don’t have the luxury of an extra bedroom, there are many tips you can take to heart to create a comfortable, welcoming, private space for them. The key to entertaining well is anticipating needs to the best of your ability. Take some time to think through the things you use on a daily basis and whether or not they are items your guests will pack for travel, or things they will need when they arrive. Consider also if your guests are journeying on an airplane or on a mode of ground transportation. Their transportation will directly impact the amount of necessities they’re able to carry. Here are some best-practice tips for giving your guests a warm welcome. 

A Soft Place to Sleep

If you don’t have guests often enough to justify turning that extra bedroom into a permanent guestroom, you can at least purchase a high-quality sofa bed from great retailers like SofaSofa. Keep the sofa bed in your extra bedroom, and utilize the space around it for an office or other functional space when guests are not visiting. When they do visit, fold out the bed before they arrive, put on fresh sheets, and make the bed with blankets and decorative pillows to give it a welcoming aura. If you can, invest in a few firm but fluffy pillows, and if the pillow cases are clean but have been sitting on the shelf for a while, it’s nice to give them a wash, so they smell fresh.  If you want to add a nice touch that could be both welcoming and entertaining, add a mint to the pillows. Make sure your guests have a space to put hanging clothes, and a raised space to use for suitcases.

Banish Clutter

If you use the second bedroom as an office or other space, survey the space and remove any clutter that could feel distracting or stressful. Keep clean, organized surfaces, and purchase a vase full of inexpensive flowers to bring some color and life into the room. If the room feels full of furniture, consider removing an extra chair or ottoman, just so your guests will feel that they have the space to retreat into the room if they need a nap or a break. 

Provide Necessities

Set a basket out with guest necessities, so your guests have all they need without having to sheepishly ask you for things. Commonly forgotten items when packing are toothbrushes, dental floss, facial lotion, shampoo, pajamas, socks and bobby pins. You could also add in some light snacks in case they get hungry after you’ve gone to bed, and a few bottles of water. Provide a few extra pillows in the room, as well as an extra blanket if you live in a colder climate. If you have some empty closet space for your guest to use, consider providing an extra robe and slippers to maximize their comfort.

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